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Please read the following statements and state whether they are true (T), false (F) or not given (NG) in the text. If you would like to re-read the text, please click "Zurück".

1.Maiman called his new strange light "problem looking for a solution".      
2.The light of a laser consists of much shorter wave segments than conventional light.      
3.Maiman used a set-up of a precious stone and a flashing lamp to create a light that was different from any other light ever seen before.      
4.Lasers can also be used for fun to irritate pets.      
5.Often, the parts of a car are joined together by lasers.      
6.The light of a laser can be produced from several materials, that are in different states of aggregation.      
7.Gordon Gould was the first scientist who actually built a laser.      
8.Albert Einstein was very enthusiastic about the idea of „Stimulated Emission“ and was sure that he would build a device for it one day.      
9.All the possibilities of lasers have already been explored by scientists.      
10.The no. 1 manufacturer of lasers, the TRUMPF GmbH in Germany, has the largest department for laser research in the world.